Robo-Call Pink Slip Rick's Puppets!

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From the people who brought you the Pink Slip Rick reverse robocalls, it’s...


That’s right, back by popular demand is your favorite tool to reverse robo-call the job-killing, anti-middle legislators that have voted 100% with Pink Slip Rick. If you’re tired of being terrorized by Rick Scott and his anti-middle class puppets in the legislature then this is the perfect tool for you!

It’s a simple process: all you’ll need to do is submit your phone number and we’ll call you to record your robo call a few moments after. Then leave your message and voila!!!

Use our tool right now and get tell these Pink Slip puppets what’s on your mind:

*We reserve the right to delete any call for any reasons. We have a zero tolerance policy for threats, profanity, and inappropriate content. We will report any threats to the appropriate law enforcement officials. Please speak your mind, but keep it clean.

Listen to the robocalls here!