Pink Slip Rick's Puppets: Repeat Offenders

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In 2011 and 2012, the following legislators voted with Rick Scott's agenda 100% of the time! This is an outrage. These puppets do nothing more than rubber stamp Pink Slip Rick's job-killing agenda at every opportunity. There are 56 repeat offenders -- so if your legislator is listed, join our fight and tell them to stop destroying our middle class!

After taking a look at Pink Slip Rick's puppets, be sure to check out Florida's middle class champions!

Rep. Janet Adkins
(District 12; Baker, Bradford, Clay, Duval, Nassau, Union)
(850) 488-6920

Rep. Ben Albritton
(District 66; Hardee, Highlands, Polk)
(850) 488-9465

Rep. Gary Aubuchon
(District 74; Charlotte, Lee)
(850) 488-7433

Rep. Dennis Baxley
(District 24, Marion)
(850) 488-0335

Rep. Jim Boyd
(District 68; Hillsborough, Manatee)
(850) 488-4086

Jason Brodeur
(District 33; Orange, Seminole, Volusia
(850) 488-0468

Rep. Doug Broxson
(District 1; Escambia, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa
(850) 488-8188

Rep. Rachel Burgin
(District 56; Hillsborough)
(850) 488-9910

Rep. Matt Caldwell
(District 73; Lee)
(850) 488-1541

Rep. Marti Coley
(District 7; Bay, Calhoun, Gadsden, Jackson, Leon, Liberty, Okaloosa, Wakulla, Walton)
(850) 488-2873

Rep. Richard Corcoran
(District 45; Pasco, Pinellas)
(850) 488-8528

Rep. Steve Crisafulli
(District 32; Brevard, Orange)
(850) 488-4669

Rep. Daniel Davis
(District 13; Clay, Duval)
(850) 488-5102

Rep. Jose Felix Diaz
(District 115; Miami-Dade)
(850) 488-3616

Rep. Chris Dorworth
(District 34; Orange, Seminole)
(850) 488-5843

Rep. Brad Drake
(District 5; Holmes, Jackson, Okaloosa, Walton, Washington)
(850) 488-4726

Rep. Eric Eisnaugle
(District 40; Orange)
(850) 488-9770

Rep. Clay Ford
(District 3; Escambia, Santa Rosa)
(850) 488-0895

Rep. Jim Frishe
(District 54; Pinellas)
(850) 488-9960

Sen. Don Gaetz
(District 4; Walton, Bay, Escambia, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa)
(850) 897-5747

Rep. Matt Gaetz
(District 4; Okaloosa, Santa Rosa)
(850) 488-1170

Rep. Andy Gardiner
(District 9; Seminole, Orange, Osceola)
(407) 428-5800

Rep. Rich Glorioso
(District 62; Hillsborough, Pasco)
(850) 488-0807

Rep. James Grant
(District 47; Hillsborough)
(850) 488-0275

Rep. Bill Hager
(District 87; Broward, Palm Beach)
(850) 488-2234

Rep. Shawn Harrison
(District 60; Hillsborough, Pasco)
(850) 488-3087

Rep. Dorothy Hukill
(District 28: Orange)
(850) 488-6653

Rep. Doug Holder
(District 70; Sarasota)
(850) 488-1171

Rep. Mike Horner
(District 79; Okeechobee, Orange, Osceola, Polk)
(850) 488-8992

Rep. Matt Hudson
(District 101; Broward, Collier)
(850) 488-1028

Rep. Clay Ingram
(District 2; Escambia)
(850) 488-8278

Rep. Debbie Mayfield
(District 80; Brevard, Indian River, St. Lucie
(850) 488-0952

Rep. Seth McKeel
(District 63; Hillsborough, Polk)
(850) 488-9890

Rep. Larry Metz
(District 25; Lake, Seminole, Volusia)
(850) 488-0348

Rep. George Moraitis
(District 91; Broward, Palm Beach)
(850) 488-0635

Rep. Peter Nehr
(District 48; Pasco, Pinellas)
(850) 488-5580

Rep. Bryan Nelson
(District 38; Orange)
(850) 488-2023

Rep. H. Marlene O'Toole
(District 42; Lake, Marion, Sumter)
(850) 488-5991

Rep. Keith Perry
(District 22; Alachua, Levy, Marion)
(850) 488-0887

Rep. Scott Plakon
(District 38; Orange, Seminole)
(850) 488-2231

Rep. Steve Precourt
(District 41; Lake, Orange, Osceola)
(850) 488-0256

Rep. Bill Proctor
(District 20; Clay, Flagler, St. Johns)
(850) 488-2977

Rep. Lake Ray
(District 17; Duval)
(850) 488-4388

Rep. Donald "Doc" Renuart
(District 18; Duval, St. Johns)
(850) 488-0001

Rep. Kenneth Roberson
(District 71; Charlotte, Lee, Sarasota)
(850) 488-0060

Rep. Patrick Rooney, Jr.
(District 83; Palm Beach)
(850) 488-0322

Rep. Robert Schenck
(District 44; Hernando, Pasco, Sumter)
(850) 488-6641

Rep. Jimmie Smith
(District 43; Citrus, Hernando, Levy)
(850) 488-0805

Rep. Kelli Stargel
(District 64; Polk)
(850) 488-2270

Rep. Greg Steube
(District 67; Hillsborough, Manatee, Sarasota)
(850) 488-6341

Rep. John Tobia
(District 31; Melbourne)
(850) 488-2528

Rep. Charles Van Zant
(District 21; Bradford, Clay, Lake, Marion, Putnam, Volusia)
(850) 488-0665

Rep. Will Weatherford
(District 61; Hillsborough, Pasco)
(850) 488-5744

Rep. Trudi Williams
(District 75; Collier, Lee)
(850) 488-2047

Rep. John Wood
(District 65; Polk)
(850) 488-2721

Rep. Ritch Workman
(District 30; Brevard)
(850) 488-9720

Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff
(District 25; Broward Palm Beach)
(850) 487-5100

Sen. Jim Norman
(District 12; Hillsborough, Pasco)
(850) 487-5068

Sen. David Simmons
(District 22; Orange, Seminole)
(850) 487-5050

Sen. Stephen Wise
(District 5; Clay, Duval, Nassau, St. Johns)
(850) 487-5027

Here are the full lists of the Congresspeople who voted with Governor Rick Scott 100% of the time in 2011 or 2012:

Class of 2011


Janet Adkins
Larry Ahern
Ben Albritton
Gary Aubuchon
Dennis Baxley
Jim Boyd
Jeff Brandes
Jason Brodeur
Doug Broxson
Rachel Burgin
Matt Caldwell
Marti Coley
Richard Corcoran
Steve Crisafulli
Daniel Davis
Jose Felix Diaz
Chris Dorworth
Brad Drake
Eric Eisnaugle
Clay Ford
Jim Frishe
Matt Gaetz
Rich Glorioso
JW Grant
Bill Hager
Shawn Harrison
Doug Holder
Ed Hooper
Mike Horner
Matt Hudson
Dorothy Hukill
Clay Ingram
John Legg
Debbie Mayfield
Seth McKeel
Larry Metz
George Moraitis
Peter Nehr
Bryan Nelson
H. Marlene O'Toole
Keith Perry
Ray Pilon
Scott Plakon
Stephen Precourt
Bill Proctor
Lake Ray
Ronald "Doc" Renuart
Ken Roberson
Patrick Rooney Jr.
Rob Schenck
Jimmie Smith
Kelli Stargel
Greg Steube
John Tobia
Charles Van Zant
Will Weatherford
Trudi Williams
John Wood
Ritch Workman

Class of 2012


Janet H. Adkins
Ben Albritton
Frank Artiles
Gary Aubuchon
Dennis K. Baxley
Michael Bileca
Jim Boyd
Jason T. Brodeur
Douglas Vaughn Broxson
Rachel V. Burgin
Matt H. Caldwell
Dean Cannon
Richard Corcoran
Fred W. Costello
Steve Crisafulli
Daniel Davis
Jose Felix Diaz
Chris Dorworth
Brad Drake
Eric Eisnaugle
Clay Ford
Erik Fresen
Jim C. Frishe
Matt Gaetz
Rich Glorioso
Eddy Gonzalez
JW Grant
Denise Grimsley
Bill Hagar
Gayle B. Harrell
Shawn Harrison
Dorothy Hukill
Doug Holder
Mike Horner
Matt Hudson
Clay Ingram
Ana Rivas Logan
Carlos Lopez-Cantera
Debbie Mayfield
Charles McBurney
Seth McKeel
Larry Metz
Peter Nehr
Bryan Nelson
Jeanette M. Nunez
H. Marlene O'Toole
Jose R. Olivia
Jimmy Patronis
W. Keith Perry
Scott Plakon
Elizabeth W. Porter
Stephen L. Precourt
Bill Proctor
Lake Ray
Ronald "Doc" Renuart
Ken Roberson
Patrick Rooney Jr.
Rob Schenck
Jimmie T. Smith
William D. Snyder
Kelli Stargel
Greg Steube
John Tobia
Carlos Trujillo
Charles Van Zant
Will Weatherford
Trudi K. Williams
John Wood
Ritch Workman
Dana D. Young


Ellyn Bogdanoff
Charles Dean
Greg Evers
Don Gaetz
Andy Gardiner
Alan Hays
Jim Norman
David Simmons
Stephen Wise


J.D. Alexander
Thad Altman
Lizbeth Benacquisito
Ellyn Bogdanoff
Anitere Flores
Don Gaetz
Andy Gardiner
Mike Haridopolos
Jim Norman
David Simmons
John Thrasher
Stephen R. Wise