And the Worst Pink Slip Puppet is...

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12 October 2012
Last week, we gave you the opportunity to vote for the worst Pink Slip Puppet. The results are in and...


...Rep. Janet Adkins is the second Worst Pink Slip Puppet.

...Janet Adkins, a representative from Fernandina Beach came in second. Adkins is one of Rick Scott's biggest Pink Slip Puppets and voted for Rick Scott's legislation to cut taxes on corporations by increasing corporate tax giveaways.

Adkins voted 100% of the time for Rick Scott's job-killing, anti-middle class agenda by supporting bills to give away hundreds of millions of our tax dollars to corporations. She would increase the corporate tax giveaway from $25,000 to $50,000, providing a windfall for businesses without creating jobs or helping us. Instead, our taxes would have to go up by approximately $120 million to make up for the lost revenue thanks to the change. Rick Scott's cronies would get tax breaks thanks to Janet Adkins and we'd pay for it.

It's unsurprising that Janet Adkins' campaign for State House district 11 is being bankrolled by Wal-Mart, a member of the Florida Chamber of Commerce, and other special interest friends of Rick Scott. They stand to rake in millions in lower taxes thanks to Janet Adkins and Rick Scott. They are just returning the favor.

But before we reveal the final Pink Slip Puppet, the person you voted as the worst of Rick Scott's puppets, can you help us fight back? Rick Scott and the Puppets can raise millions of dollars from their special interest cronies for expensive, dishonest campaigns. The truth is more powerful than their lies, though.

Help expose the Pink Slip Rick Scott, his Puppets, and their lies. Donate today!


And now, your choice as the Number One Worst Pink Slip Puppet is...


Drumroll, please.



...Sen. John Thrasher

The votes are in and the worst of Rick Scott's Pink Slip Puppets is John Thrasher, a state senator from St. Augustine. He definitely deserves his status as one of Rick Scott's biggest Pink Slip Puppets and Thrasher sponsored the legislation that would destroy our public school system by funding Rick Scott's untested private charter school scheme.

Thrasher voted for every single bill that Rick Scott supported, 100% of the time. If Pink Slip Rick Scott needed a vote, John Thrasher was there to cast it. And Thrasher also sponsored the bill to allow for-profit, charter school corporations to open more private charter schools using our public tax dollars. The business executives who run these corporations are usually not education professionals but simply rich friends of Rick Scott who can give the necessary campaign contributions to be allowed to open these schools. Thrasher and Scott would take our tax dollars and instead of spending them to help our children learn, hard earned tax dollars would line the pockets of their cronies. And these schools would also be virtually unaccountable to parents or the public. Thrasher and Scott aren't helping Florida's kids; their policies are benefiting their corporate cronies.

Of course, they haven't ignored the favor. Thrasher's campaign for Senate district 6 is being funded by the Koch Brothers and other special interests. They are counting on Thrasher and Scott to continue using our tax dollars to fund their lucrative favors. For them, a large campaign contribution is just a good investment in buying our state legislature.

We don't have to let them get away with it. The big special interests are pouring their money into dishonest TV ads, and we can't just hit the mute button. We need to answer back to their lies. And you can help make the difference.

Donate today to stop Rick Scott and his Pink Slip Puppets!

Thank you,

Susannah Randolph