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Stop FPL's Runaway Bill Increases

Tell Rick Scott and the Florida legislature to hold the Public Service Commission accountable and refuse to rubber-stamp FPL’s bogus charges for a nuclear plant expansion that may never happen. FPL refuses..

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DEP Wants To Raise Toxin Levels in State Waters

Gov. Rick Scott’s DEP should be renamed DPP (Dept. of Polluters’ Protection) via Progress Florida

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Poll: Bill Nelson helps a little as veep, Rick Scott 'toxic ' for Trump

Rick Scott would be “toxic” for Trump. Much like #pinksliprick is for Florida, too.

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FLORIDA - Say It Ain't So Governor Scott

Someone, anyone, please get Rick Scott some bifocals and give this man some vision.

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Florida considering weakening restrictions on discharging chemicals in water

ICYMI: Rick Scott’s Florida wants to weaken restrictions on roughly two dozen cancer-causing chemicals that can be discharged into its rivers, lakes, streams and coastal waters.

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Animal advocates target Rick Scott, bear hunt with new attack ad

Animal advocates target Rick Scott with new attack ad.

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Florida Proposes Tripling Amount Of Benzene That Can Be Polluted Into State Waters

Rick Scott’s Dept. of Environmental “Protection” is going to TRIPLE the amount of benzene that can be polluted into our water.

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Veep Candidate Rick Scott Pulled the Plug on Chronically Ill Children

“Rick Scott and his GOP allies targeted cuts in healthcare to literally over ten thousand chronically ill children. The children have been dropped by their specialists, denied treatment, and refused essential..

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